Our mission is to leverage the talents and resources of the business and financial community and infuse leading entrepreneurs with Executive Management Services that will provide a positive impact on the economic business development of our communities. Nakita Capital Partners was originally founded in 1997.

Based in Charleston, South Carolina, Nakita Capital Partners continues to explore exciting investment and client partnering opportunities in the Information Technology, new media and other leading high growth sectors.

Our Managing Partners have a unique blend of full Business Development life cycle experience with large fortune 100 companies as well as with early stage developing companies. Our Managing Principals each maintain core expertise in each of the fundamental service disciplines we offer:
  • Strategic Executive Business Development Services
  • Capitalization Services
  • Sales & Strategic Partner Services
  • Marketing, Media & Public Relations Services
  • Information Technology Services
  • Financial &Accounting Services
  • Legal Advisory Services


Our client partnering and investment philosophy is evaluated, constructed and executed based on the following Guiding Principles:
  • Quality, Integrity, Experience and depth of the management team are the most critical components of our evaluation. We measure our client’s management team based on relevant experience, track record, and leadership growth potential.
  • Market Opportunity – we focus on solutions and products with timely market penetration opportunity and overall growth potential of the market. We also evaluate and monitor external or pending events that influence or drive market opportunities.
  • Revenue growth potential – we evaluate and focus opportunities that contain high margin revenue potential and that can demonstrate long term sustainable business models which attract high value private equity investors and ultimately institutional & public market investments.
  • Liquidity Potential – our strategy is to carefully select client partners and strategically place timely investments in companies that have a legitimate business model and one that can accept the proper infusion of executive services and accelerated execution methods leading to liquidity events via mergers and acquisition or public offering.
  • Proprietary & Uniqueness – our focus is in identifying companies with unique technology or solutions that contain high value proprietary protection and maintain a high barrier of entry advantage against well capitalized competition.


Our core Executive Management Services and capabilities has been developed to satisfy accelerated delivery capabilities to the five most highly visible areas of weaknesses and risks for entrepreneurs in managing early stage and developing companies. These are the critical areas where most early stage companies fail because they may lack core expertise and/or fail to execute on one or a combination of the following categories required for the successful development of any business.
  • Strategic Business Development & Execution of Company Strategy
  • Sales, Marketing & Partnering Strategy
  • Tactical & Strategic Information Technology Strategy
  • Capitalization, Finance & Legal Services Planning
  • Human Capital/Resource Management


Nakita Capital Partners methodology is simple. We PLAN, We IMPLEMENT, and We EXECUTE WITH PASSION & COMMITMENT. We set our sights with MEASURABLE RESULTS and we REPEAT THE CYCLE. Our Core Values Underlining all of our fundamental activities at Nakita Capital Partners and our client partner companies maintain the highest degree of personal and professional Character, Trust and Integrity.​




Mobile: 631 445 6650
E-Mail: [email protected]
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/miespina/

Mobile: 631 445 6650
E-Mail: [email protected]
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/miespina/

Prior to founding the Nakita Foundation, Michael served as President & Chief Operating Officer of several early stage companies where he was responsible for global operations of sales, marketing, professional services, strategic partners, finance, legal, administration and overall business development, technical support, and the strategic direction of the company. In addition, Michael was responsible for building teams to develop and execute sales, marketing, and business partner programs and was instrumental in the development of tools, process and procedures to enhance productivity and efficiency in the daily operations and support of the sales cycle. Michael was also responsible for building the global management structure and the development of management reporting tools to manage all areas of the business that included sales management reports, revenue forecasting, project management, marketing status reports, resource management, and general administrative progress reports.

As a Sr. Vice President of Computer Associates’ Global Professional Services, Michael was responsible for CA’s Channel Services organization, managing strategic partner alliance relationships and co-developing revenue based business plans that complimented and enhanced CA’s service delivery capabilities. Mr. Espina was also responsible for Global Resource Management and recruiting and for CA’s Consultant Relations Program that managed the use of 3rd party certified consultants. Additionally, Mr. Espina managed the E-Services Practice that provides remote implementation and maintenance services for CA’s workgroup and enterprise edition products specifically sold and supported by the CA Channel Partners.

Upon joining Computer Associates in 1985, Mr. Espina has also served in various roles that included: product development and client support of numerous enterprise management solutions, Direct Sales management and Sales Support roles as a Systems Engineer, Regional Manager and Director, Product Marketing Manager and Champion for enterprise management solutions. Mr. Espina left. CA to become the CEO and Co-Founder of Merging Technologies Inc., one of CA’s first authorized resellers and Gold Certified Service providers for CA Products, After CA’s acquisition of Merging Technologies Mr. Espina was reunited with CA and assigned to serve as a Vice President of Global Technology Delivery Services and was active in introducing and authoring CA’s project management, implementation and management reporting methodologies for enterprise management rollouts of Unicenter TNG used globally. Mr. Espina was also part of the initial management team responsible for creating and executing the early stages of the business development plan, acquisition strategies, and managing the daily operations of Computer Associates Global Professional Services organization.

Mr. Espina previously held positions as a Practice Manager for Coopers & Lybrand In the Computer Assurance Division in New York and with JP Morgan on Wall Street as Vice President and Business Information Manager for the Emerging Markets Business. Mr. Espina holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a minor in Biology from Plattsburgh State University College in New York where he also enjoyed playing on the collegiate basketball program.

Mr. Espina Is active In his community’s youth sports programs and Is a Founder and Chairman of The NAKITA Foundation (Neighbors Assisting Kids In Troubled Areas). For leisure, Mr. Espina enjoys rugby, basketball, hunting, fishing and developing start-up businesses.