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“Nakita Capital Partners provides executive services and manages trusted investments to promising entrepreneurs, private equity and institutional investors through a unique blend of venture services that promotes the accelerated development and execution of early and mid-stage companies.”
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Recent News

10/06/08 – NCP provides Advisory Services to The Conall Group led by Pat O'Connell to support CGI, a leading Canadian based IT Outsourcing and comprehensive systems integration company.  

9/22/08 – Nakita Capital Partners is retained by JACO Electronics, a publicly traded company and leading electronics component manufacturing firm headquartered in Hauppaugue, NY. NCP will be providing strategic business development planning and executive advisory services to expand the company's initiative to expand the flat panel screen business.  

5/19/08 – Hudson Whitehall led by Joseph Anile & Associates and Integrated Business Systems led by John Caliendo, team with NCP to develop a joint venture company OnDemand Transactions, Inc. The joint venture will team with UK based First OnDemand to provide capital and obtain licensing rights to FOD's transaction based authentication technology.

3/10/08 – NCP led by Michael J. Espina provides Advisory Services to Prime Media and Prime Visibility. Prime Media, a privately held media holding company led by CEO Steve Rosenberg recently acquired Prime Visibility a leading search engine optimization and full service internet marketing services company.

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