Strategic Executive Business Development Services:

When starting a new business or looking for ideas to accelerate the revenue growth of an existing business unit or an early stage company, a solid strategic business development plan and accelerated execution methods are the fundamental requirements for success.

Our experience blend of executive management expertise and experience in developing companies and organizations is the basis for providing our client partners an accelerated approach towards all the major disciplines of starting or developing a new venture. The method and quality of our accelerated services is demonstrated by our success of our current portfolio partners and highlighted by the successful credentials, passion and commitment of our executive team. Each of our Managing Partners have successfully developed and executed services within their respective core competency within each of our business development disciplines.

Our Strategic Business Development Services include but are not limited to the following:
  • Develop/Review/Update Strategic Business Plans
  • Develop Company Tactical & Strategic Vision Matrix
  • Develop Focused Company and Organization Action Plans
  • Development of Sales & Marketing Models and Approach
  • Development and Execution of Investment and Capitalization Strategy
  • Develop Strategic Partnering & Channel Distribution Strategy
Need a Freelance Executive Management Team?

Nakita’s management & consulting services offers a unique and comprehensive methodology that accelerates the development of strategic plans without the traditional overhead costs and excessive documentation. Our team’s qualifications include strong entrepreneurial skills with extensive experience in operations, sales, strategic and tactical business development, marketing support and strategic partnering.

Our service offerings focus on strategic business planning, organizational structuring, operational planning and development, sales & services team development and creative marketing support. We service our clients with varying requirements from early stage companies looking to raise capital to existing companies looking for fresh ideas to solve some of their current problems with seasoned executive management experience.

Additionally, we offer management consulting services that accelerates the development of strategic business partnering plans through a unique revenue based business development model.

Capitalization Services:

Nakita Capital Partners Capitalization Services is based on combining two fundamental principles. First is to ensure that the developing companies under management have a unique product, a comprehensive business plan, executive qualifications, a sustainable business model, and the execution capabilities to capitalize on a long term market growth company. The second is to develop the appropriate timing and blend of private equity investors and/or institution investors that allow the company and it’s investors to capitalize on the true investment value and maintain the best possible equity returns for the original investors and principle owners. It is our strategy to be typically the first institutional investor with board membership responsibilities that compliments the client partner’s management team. Typically our target investment range is from $ 1 million to $ 10 million over the life of the investment in software and infrastructure technology companies as well as other carefully selected companies in other market sectors that demonstrate high growth opportunities at the early stages of the development cycle. Our investment methodology and hands on approach promotes excellent relationships with our client partner portfolio companies protects our investor’s trust, our entrepreneur’s ownership investments, and our own equity investment.

Our Capitalization Services include the following:
  • Raise Investment Capital Requirements for Early and Mid Stage Companies
  • Recapitalization and/or Restructure Debt Capitalization Services
  • Manage and Capitalize Joint Venture Agreements
  • Investment Protection Services
Marketing, Media & Public Relations Services:

Our Marketing, Media and Public Relations Services is a comprehensive services package designed in modular components to maximize our client partners gradual exposure requirements during the early stages of a company’s development cycle. Our primary goal is to enhance top-of-mind awareness for our representative company’s product or service to prospective clients, and to targeted investors that lead to increasing bottom line profits and closing investment capitalization requirements.

We possess a full service and full range of in-house capabilities, maintain a strong reputation for creative, results-driven advertising and marketing communications capabilities, which ultimately results in accelerated deliverables producing long-term business growth and success.

Our Services include but are not limited to the following:
  • Strategic Marketing Services
  • Corporate ID and Brand Imaging
  • Web Site Design & Development
  • Internet Marketing
  • Interactive Media
  • Digital Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Brochure & Product Catalog Design
  • Sales Kits & Trade Show Support
  • Publishing
  • Pre-Press, Printing & Direct Mail
  • Promotions, TV & Advertisements
  • Public Relations
Financial Services:

Our Financial Services practice uses a simple yet multidisciplinary approach to providing services to our client partner portfolio members. We provide our companies with automated accounting technology, financial consulting, general accounting services, and tax and audit compliance services. Our approach focuses on selecting solutions specifically designed for the minimum and in some cases unique requirements of small to medium sized organizations. Assisting our clients with these services allows our entrepreneurs and management teams to concentrate on growing their businesses. Our “hands-on” approach and assistance with the financial management requirements of our portfolio companies also provide comfort to our investors, limiting exposure due to mishandling finances and/or limiting potential for fraudulent activity.

Legal Advisory Services:

Our Legal Advisory Services employ the same philosophy and ultimate business goals for our targeted clients and investors.  Our colleague Michael Schaffield is a licensed New York State attorney. Mr. Schaffield has extensive experience with software licensing, sales and partnering contracts and the creation and adaptation of simple to  complex partnering and acquisition arrangements designed to meet business objectives.   In addition, Mr. Schaffield is a licensed commercial real estate broker.