Our Philosophy:
Our client partnering and investment philosophy is evaluated, constructed and executed based on the following Guiding Principles:

  • Quality, Integrity, Experience and depth of the management team are the most critical components of our evaluation. We measure our client’s management team based on relevant experience, track record, and leadership growth potential.
  • Market Opportunity – we focus on solutions and products with timely market penetration opportunity and overall growth potential of the market. We also evaluate and monitor external or pending events that influence or drive market opportunities.
  • Revenue growth potential – we evaluate and focus opportunities that contain high margin revenue potential and that can demonstrate long term sustainable business models which attract high value private equity investors and ultimately institutional & public market investments.
  • Liquidity Potential – our strategy is to carefully select client partners and strategically place timely investments in companies that have a legitimate business model and one that can accept the proper infusion of executive services and accelerated execution methods leading to liquidity events via mergers and acquisition or public offering.
  • Proprietary & Uniqueness – our focus is in identifying companies with unique technology or solutions that contain high value proprietary protection and maintain a high barrier of entry advantage against well capitalized competition.

Our Approach:
Our core Executive Management Services and capabilities has been developed to satisfy accelerated delivery capabilities to the five most highly visible areas of weaknesses and risks for entrepreneurs in managing early stage and developing companies. These are the critical areas where most early stage companies fail because they may lack core expertise and/or fail to execute on one or a combination of the following categories required for the successful development of any business.

  • Strategic Business Development & Execution of Company Strategy
  • Sales, Marketing & Partnering Strategy
  • Tactical & Strategic Information Technology Strategy
  • Capitalization, Finance & Legal Services Planning
  • Human Capital/Resource Management

Our Methodology:
Nakita Capital Partners methodology is simple. We PLAN, We IMPLEMENT, and We EXECUTE WITH PASSION & COMMITMENT. We set our sights with MEASURABLE RESULTS and we REPEAT THE CYCLE. Our Core Values Underlining all of our fundamental activities at Nakita Capital Partners and our client partner companies maintain the highest degree of personal and professional Character, Trust and Integrity.

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